Aerstone Seacask 700ml

Carefully matured for over 10 years in the intense environment that surrounds our distillery in the Scottish lowlands. For Aerstone we produce two distinctive styles of whisky, one called Land Cask, which is rich and smoky, and one called Sea Cask, which is smooth and easy. This is Sea Cask.

Choose your flavour and savour the taste of the Scottish elements from the warmth and comfort of your home.
Master distiller
Brian Kinsman

Some of our casks are matured in warehouses that are more exposed to the cooler sea air. The conditions in this coastal location affect our maturation climate and help create a smooth style of whisky that we call Sea Cask.

Green Dot
  • Alcoholpercentage: 40% Vol.

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Single malt scotch whisky sea cask

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    • Verpakt in: Schotland

    Over de fabrikant

    If you like our Sea Cask whisky we also have a Land Cask whisky to try.
    For this whisky our casks are matured in warehouses that are located further inland. These conditions help create a rich and smoky style of whisky that we call Land Cask.



    William Grant & Sons Global Brands Ltd,
    Ballard & Clonminch, Tullamore,
    Co. Offaly, R35 E027


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