El Ron Prohibido Rum Silver 70cl

Triple destilado silver Ron Mexicano "Chiringuito" first arrived to Spain in the early 18th century and was banned by the Span ish King Felipe V de Borbón because he deemed it a threat to the local economy. It wasn't until the latter part of the century that a royal permit was issued for the production of Mexican "chiringuito" white rum on the grounds that it would be a major source of r evenue for the Spanish crown during its war against England. A royal order issued on 19 march 1796 finally lifted the ban and legali sed the production, sale and consumption of this spirit. From that time "chiringuito" was consumed as a remedy to a host of ailments . El Ron Prohibido 1700 - 1796.

  • Alcoholpercentage: 40% Vol.

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Rum silver

Gebruik en veiligheid

Alcohol- en tabakdisclaimer (18) Lees meer

    • Land van oorsprong: Mexico
    • Verpakt in: Mexico

    Over de fabrikant

    El Ron Prohibido 1700 - 1796.


    Produced and Bottled in Mexico by:
    Ron Prohibido, S.A. de C.V.
    R.F.C. RPR-140212-TR0 Domicilio Conocido s/n
    Ex-Hacienda Corralejo Pénjamo
    Gto. C.P. 36927


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