Hooghoudt Sweet Spiced Genever 700ml

Sometimes you just need to spice things up. You know, sip some glitz and taste the gold. Well, friend, you're knocking on the right door. Our Spiced Genever is outlandish galore. An exotic cocktail of vanilla and cinnamon, juniper and liquorice, this slightly sweet Genever comes with a disco kick. More pop art than punk rock. Best sipped in glittery clubs, not grunge basements. It's a gorgeous 100% natural spirit created by 5th generation Genever craftsman who, for one golden moment, let their hair down.

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  • Alcoholpercentage: 30% Vol.

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Sweet spiced genever

Gebruik en veiligheid

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  • Land van oorsprong: Nederland

Over de fabrikant

We know what you're thinking - what claim can a 19th-century Dutch Genever distiller make on today's edgy urban cocktail scene? To this we boldly say: A-plenty. We give you as evidence our spirited pitch in twelve words or less. Devout distillers. 100% all-natural ingredients. Geek devotion. Family business. Since 1888. There's a lot of fake in this world, we like to believe our Spiced Genever ain't one of them. Think of our Genever as a bright new spirit in a world of god-honest Holland gin.


Produced and bottled by
Hooghoudtstraat 1
The Netherlands


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