Jones Brothers Coffee Noir Espresso Organic Coffee 10 x 5, 5g

Donkere branding, met moutige, sterke bitterzoete chocolade, hint van hazelnoot.

Europees Biologisch KeurmerkPEFCFairtrade Foundation

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    CAPSULES MET GEMALEN KOFFIE. Geroosterde en gemalen koffie, verpakt in capsules onder beschermende atmosfeer

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    Tenminste houdbaar tot: zie onderkant. Keep in a cool, dry place.

    PEFC - PEFC/04-31-1873 - 100% sustainably sourced material

      Over de fabrikant

      Jones Brothers Coffee - Amsterdam

      Explore a world of taste
      Here at Jones Brothers Coffee, we're on a mission to free your taste from the dull old world of traditional brands and boring blends and bring you smooth drinking, great tasting coffee - every single time.

      We travel the coffee world to bring you nothing less than the finest quality, 100% pure arabica beans.

      The shot of coffee you're about to drink has been carefully roasted, ground to perfection and then tightly packed into these tiny capsules to deliver beautiful espresso and lungo based drinks.

      Our stay fresh technology guarantees long-lasting freshness and perfect taste in every cup.
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      We believe everyone should contribute to preserving planet. These plant-based start! Our capsules are a start:
      0% plastic + 0% aluminium = 100% sustainable

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      Small espresso, darker roast, intense flavours.

      Full bodied rich roast with balanced flavours.

      Longer espresso, medium bodied, smooth taste

      Here's 3 reasons why we think you'll love our new capsules...

      1 Our capsules are made from plants and are suitable for disposing of in the green bin and for home composting in a min. 60°C.
      2 All our coffees are sustainably sourced and fully certified.
      3 We use 70% less packaging which is better for the environment and better for everyone.

      ...and we think all that tastes a lot better!


      Jones Brothers Coffee Company BV
      Sint Willibrordusstraat 54
      1073 VC Amsterdam


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