K Kaapse Maria DDH Pale Ale Blik 33cl

EBC 8 IBU 17 ABV 4.2%

Green Dot
  • Alcoholpercentage: 4.2% Vol.

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Unfiltered and unpasteurized caftbeer


  • Water
  • malts
  • hops
  • yeast

Gebruik en veiligheid

Alcohol- en tabakdisclaimer (18) Lees meer


    Keep cool and dark.

    • Land van oorsprong: Nederland

    Over de fabrikant

    K - The best Rotterdam beer in the world - Kaapse Brouwers Rotterdam

    We are Kaapse Brouwers who introduced craft beer to Rotterdam, and Rotterdam to the world.
    With our Kaapse recipes we brew non-conformist beers. We chose for bold recipes and love to experiment with different flavors to create contemporary craft beers.

    Why we Can?
    For sustainability and quality.
    Lighter more compact and recyclable than glass, cans are friendlier to the environment. Cans also protect beer from two of its biggest enemies: light and oxygen. We can because we can do better.


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