Hooghoudt Zero Zero Recipe N° 24 Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml

Hooghoudt Zero Zero Recipe N° 24 Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml

700 ml

22 99
  • Water
  • natural flavors
  • acid: citric acid
  • potassium sorbate (E211, E202)
Voedingswaarden per 100ml per portion/unit (35ml)
Energy5.6 kJ (1.3 kcal)2.0 kJ (0.5 kcal)
Vetten0 gr0 gr
-saturated fatty acids0 gr0 gr
Koolhydraten0 gr0 gr
-sugars0 gr0 gr
Eiwitten0 gr0 gr
Zout0 gr0 gr

Our non-alcoholic spirit combines the freshness of a botanical mixer with the sophistication of a distilled spirit.

Whether mixed as a mid-day refresher or late-night mocktail, the botanical punch of a pre-industrial elixir.

To create our Zero Zero we turned to page 24 of Ludolf Wietze Hooghoudt's lab notebook from 1914. Inspired by his recipe, we created what we think may be one of the most sophisticated botanical drinks on the planet. As an ode to Ludolf, we called our new recipe #24. Mix creatively and enjoy!


Hooghoudt has been crafting liqueurs, genevers - also known as Holland Gin - and lemonades for over 130 years.

To survive and thrive as master distillers since 1888, the Hooghoudt family has developed a pretty good understanding of natural botanicals and the dark art of distilling.




Produced and bottled by
Hooghoudtstraat 1
The Netherlands