Rebl Chef Planty Nacho Pizza 280g
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Rebl Chef Planty Nacho Pizza 280g

280 G

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  • Pizza bodem: tarwebloem, water, koolzaadolie, gist, zout.
  • Topping: water, geplette erwteneiwitbollen 10% (gedehydrateerd erwteneiwit, ui, raapzaadolie, erwtenvezel, psylliumvezel, knoflook, specerijen, aardappeleiwit, zout, dextrose, aroma's, rookaroma, gekarameliseerde suiker), tomatenpuree, kokosolie, jalapeno 4% (chili, zout, azijn), chilidruppels 4% (peper, water, suiker, azijn, zout, zuurteregelaar (E300), stabilisator (E509)), zetmeel, nacho 3% (maïsmeel, zonnebloemolie, zout), suiker, zout, zeezout, kruiden, specerijen, citroensap, natuurlijk aroma, aroma, zuurteregelaar (E260, E330), verdikkingsmiddel (E415), kleurstof (E160a).
energie 940 kJ/225 kcal
Vetten 10 g
- waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 5.7 g
Koolhydraten 27 g
- waarvan suikers 2.1 g
vezels 2 g
Eiwitten 4.9 g
Zout 1.3 g

Planty adventures #001
A trip to remember! We just created the most epic plant-based pizza ever.
Go on, try it!

Instructies: Verwijder de plasticfolie. Bak de diepvriespizza in het onderste gedeelte van de oven bij 250 °C ca. 7 min.
01 Preheat the oven and read the planty adventure #001 on this box.
02 Remove the plastic wrap (and recycle it right away). Check our policy.
03 Bake the frozen pizza in the lower part of the oven at 250 °C approx. 7 min.

  • Bevat Tarwe
  • Zonder Soja

-18 °C of kouder. Na ontdooiing mag het product niet opnieuw worden ingevroren. Ten minste houdbaar tot einde: zie tht op zijkant.


Rebl Chef proudly presents delicious planty and planet-friendly products for your daily plant-based menu. We are passionate about food and our planet, that's why we say yes to:

100% planty
No doubt about it; this pizza is 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly. And that's not all of it. We added a touch of awesomeness. We call this 'planty'. And we got planty more of that coming your way.

Easy peasy
We make planty food accessible for everybody by making it easy peasy. All our products are easy to prepare. So, relax and enjoy the easy life.

Animal free
Animals, we love them! Not in our food though. So, all our products are 100% animal free, of course. As a benefit, it makes you feel even better while eating it.

Soy can be a very useful ingredient at times. However, in this delicious pizza we don't use it. It is completely soy-free.

Dare to be different
Eating the same thing over and over is boring, right? We agree. That's why you'd be surprised by the combination of flavours of this pizza. Being different is fun ánd tasty.

Vegan indulgence
Everybody deserves a cheat-day once in a while. Treat yourself by enjoying this delicious and fun flavoured pizza. A bonus? Our planet is happy with it as well. Vegan indulgence it is!

Our zero waste policy
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Plastic wrap


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