Oatly The Original Haverdrank Vol 1L
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Oatly The Original Haverdrank Vol 1L

1 L

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  • Water
  • haver 10%
  • koolzaadolie
  • zuurteregelaar (dikaliumfosfaat)
  • calciumcarbonaat
  • calciumfosfaten
  • zout
  • vitaminen (D2, riboflavine, B12)
  • kalijumjodide
Voedingswaardenper 100 ml:
Energie 239 kJ / 57 kcal
Vetten 2.8 g
Waarvan verzadigd 0.3 g
Koolhydraten 6.6 g
Waarvan suikers 4.1 g*
Vezels 0.8 g
Eiwitten 1.0 g
Zout 0.10 g
Vitamine D 1.1 µg (22%**)
Riboflavine 0.21 mg (15%**)
Vitamine B12 0.38 µg (15%**)
Kalium 151 mg (7.5%**)
Calcium 120 mg (15%**)
Fosfor 105 mg (15%**)
Jood 22.5 µg (15%**)
*Natuurlijke suikers uit haver.
**Van de voedingswaardereferenties.

Hello future oat drink lover
We didn't write that headline because we have some kind of special ability to see into the future or because we think that as long as you think positively, positive things will happen. Nope. We just know that despite the fact that there are a lot of options to cow's milk out there for you to pour into a glass or add to your morning cereal, the combo of oatsome deliciousness and what our products can do for you is rather challenging to find elsewhere. And because we were the company that made the original oat drink 25 years ago when it wasn't very cool to make oat drinks, we are pretty sure that if we have had you wait 25 years to try this new chilled original oat drink, we wouldn't disappoint you once we finally got here. But enough of listening to a philosophising oat drink carton, give it your best try and we'll see you on the other side.

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Ten minste houdbaar tot:
Zie bovenkant verpakking.
Na openen binnen 5 dagen consumeren.
Gekoeld bewaren, max +8°C.


Hey food industry, show us your numbers.
Isn't it strange that when we want to fly some place warm for a week of vacation, we can find out exactly how many tons of carbon dioxide it will take to get us and our luggage into that sun chair, yet it's almost impossible to find out what the impact of drinking a glass of milk vs. a glass of oat drink has on the planet? It's double strange considering that the food industry generates nearly-twice as many greenhouse gas emissions as all transportation combined - cars, buses, planes, trains, even personal jetpacks.* So from now on, our products will be labelled with a number that defines the amount of CO2e they genstrate, from farm to store, so that you know how they impact the planet before you decide to buy them. That way you can easily compare them to other food products as soon as the entire food industry follows our lead, which they have to do now that we've officially and indiscreetly suggested it on the side of this package.
* The food industry is responsible for 25% of global CO₂e (wwr), while the transportation sector accounts for 14% (IPCC 2014).

You are one of us now.
That headline is nothing I wrote myself. I actually read it somewhere and thought it was great so I borrowed it and stuck in on this package. Oh, you say, that is not very original. Can't you come up with your own headline? Before I answer that question I would like you to consider that it is true - you are now part of a growing group of people that understand the benefits of eating and drinking plants so your body feels good and so the planet can better cope with the impact we humans place on it. Regarding the headline, true artists steal with pride, I am just an honest person unafraid to admit my own shortcomings.




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