WHOLY GREENS VeggiPasta Smooth Spinach 250g

WHOLY GREENS VeggiPasta Smooth Spinach 250g

250 g

2 49
  • Groenten (51,4%) (spinazie (17,6%), kale, wortel)
  • spelt (gluten)
  • plantain
  • tarwe proteï;ne (gluten)
  • tapioca
Voedingswaarden Per 100 gr
Energie 1463 kJ/346 kcal
Vetten 1.6 g
- Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0.4 g
- Enkelvoudig onverzadigde vetzuren 0.2 g
- Meervoudig onverzadigde vetzuren 1.0 g
Koolhydraten 58 g
- waarvan Suikers 3.0 g
Eiwitten 20 g
Voedingsvezels 9.1 g
Zout 0.18 g
Salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occuring sodium in the vegetables and grains.

Not your average pasta

Our pasta is full of nutrients that bring out the best in you.

Slow carbs
keep you fulfilled and full of energy.

Dietary fibre
for gut health and good digestion.

Vitamins A, B, C & K1
for a healthy skin, immune and blood system.

Calcium & iron
for muscle growth and strong bones.

Protein improves
every cell in your body.

help against inflammation.

  • Bevat Gluten

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The Story of Wholy Greens

When you eat with the planet in mind, you contribute to positive change with every single bite.
And that's exactly what Wholy Greens is all about: making an impact by changing the way we eat. We celebrate biodiversity and reduce food waste, to bring a variety of flavors and nutrients to your plate. To us, vegetables are holy. That's why we treat our veggies with respect, and use them wholly. We turn leftover vegetables into tasty, innovative food concepts. Wholesome eating has never been this easy.

This way, we serve two customers:
The planet and the people. Wonder what we cook up next?

Want to learn more about the nutritional value of our products?

Wholy tip: our founder Walter blasts ''Oops I did it again'' by Britney twice in his kitchen because that's how long the pasta takes to cook!


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