Oatly Haver Bio 1L

Oatly Haver Bio 1L

1 L

1 97


  • Water
  • haver* (10%)
  • zeezout
  • *Van biologische landbouw.
Voedingswaardenper 100 ml:
Energie 152 kJ / 36 kcal
Vetten 0.5 g
Waarvan verzadigd 0.1 g
Koolhydraten 6.7 g
Waarvan suikers 4.1 g*
Vezels 0.8 g
Eiwitten 1.0 g
Zout 0.10 g
*Natuurlijke suikers uit haver.

The original
It's swedisch!
Wow no cow!
Shake me!
Oat me!
Shake me!
No milk. No soy. No ...eh... whatever.
This Package suppo rts The Post Milk Generation
The Post Milk Generation is a nonprofit mindset that works to inform the public about the health and s ustainability advantages of eating a plant-based diet. That's right, its is a state of mind that is both real and influential and no t just a crazy t-shirt slogan that people are wearing around the festival scene during the summer. Well, it's that too.
Anyway, if y ou would like to become part of this generation and pledge to keep things real in the future then feel free to get started today wit h your temporary membership card. Cut it out and carry it with you wherever you go.
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Goed Schudden.

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Ten minste houdbaar tot: zie bovenkant verpakking. Na opening 5 dagen houdbaar in de koelkast (+8°C).




Packed in Germany for
Oatly AB
Stora Varvsgetan 6a
SE-211 19 Malmö

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